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12 Most Hated Fighting Game Characters

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You know you need to find a new friend when they choose to play as one of this lot.

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  1. But can we take a minute to talk about Killer Instinct's Sabrewulf?

  2. Boobs = Bad Now (I love to look down at you peasants from my high horse of morality)

  3. Yoda is basically the Gon (Tekken 3) of Soul Caliber IV, the only way to hit him is with low attacks.

  4. Noob Saibot ain't the most hated, he's the most liked, whatchu talking about? Shao Kahn in MK9 was easy to beat, in MKII was beyond difficult.

  5. Shao Khan from MK 2 was also crazy OP.
    Rugal from King Of Fighters 97…? Literally took all my lunch money 😂 especially in the "Unique" version of that game

  6. akuma tekken 7 special challenge should be number 1 through 10

  7. Yeah Shao Kahn is a nightmare. You have to play as Raiden have to play as cheaply as possible to beat him, it doesn’t feel like much of a victory after it all. 😫

  8. Shao Kahn is actually very easy to beat. He's overpowered but so repetitive if you simply repeat the same attack when he taughts you then jump away he'll repeat the motion over and over. You can get repeated flawless victories on him if you treat the first fight as a practice match to get the pattern down.

  9. naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 my friends hated me for using Temari spam your way into a 30 hit combo quick with her fan technique

  10. i was expecting smash 4 bayonetta to be here somewhere 😂

  11. to beat Shao Khan in MK 2011 I had to create some distance and spam projectiles until he taunts me then get some combos in…that pretty much made it easy but he still sucked because he forced me to fight in a cheesy way.

  12. The "talking head" format sucks. I don't think anybody cares about the forced personality characters that is your staff, and the chicks are only likeable…. Because they're chicks. So I'd rather have your videos be the footage and the voice over only.
    Just my opinion.

  13. Tekken 6 Azazel and Tekken Tag 2s Jun Kazama/(Unkown). Very easily beatable buy annoying af lol

  14. Play an SNK game FFS. This list is a joke. SNK boss syndrome is a thing.

  15. Pff, Corrupted Shinnok is way worse than Shao Kahn. He just stands there spamming his energy beam, staggering you into oblivion

  16. Shao Khan 2011 is the easiest version of khan.

  17. Fighting Soulcalibur Yoda was like fighting Gon in Tekken 3…

  18. The final boss in K.O.F 2000! Just an @$$ beating from the word GO..

  19. If there's going to be a Commenter's Edition, y'all gotta bring these:

    1) Akuma in Tekken 7, kinda broken on release. Almost every tournament I've seen had someone reach Top 8 with him;
    2) Android 16 in DBFZ, hated by everyone in the community until the nerfs came and Broly joined the roster;

    I'd also bring up characters from Smash but I don't know if it counts…

  20. What about Nightos in that one old arcade game? I still cringe when I think about the battle…

  21. I was going to add Jinpachi Mishima in the comments, but he was Included in the video- I own many Tekken games, but Tekken 5 is maybe my favorite fighting game ever, and Jinpachi is just an annoying, cheap, B itc h- you only have to fight him in Arcade mode BUT that's how you unlock more characters and end cinematics, and Tekken 5 has 28 Characters, so you have to fight him a Lot – It's just Losing 8X in a row to cheap, Insta-hit moves- then you get a groove, and wipe him easy out of nowhere= I normally set the game at 3 wins out of 5, nut always dropped it to 2 out of 3 just to get those 2 quick wins and be done with it – the fact that Jinpachi is an Unplayable character tells it all

  22. What about Onaga the dragon king from mortal kombat deception.

  23. Deathstroke in Online Multiplayer for Injustice 1

  24. I remember the only way I was able to beat Shao Kahn was with my friend where he baited the attacks while I combed Shao

  25. No one would talk about this game!!!! Buuuuuuutttttttt……. Dural from Virtual Fighter was like the boss from Dead Or Alive 4, but without the teleportation. Game wasn't favored, but I still liked it!!!

  26. You can easily fill this list with Tekken bosses!
    Unknown from TTT – Check
    Azazel from T6 – Check
    Shin Akuma from T7 Story mode – Triple Check!!!

  27. Hated when my cousin picked Dark Phoenix

  28. Mortal kombat is the only good fighting franchise

    Change my mind

  29. How about Akuma in Tekken 7 10 stars

  30. I DESTROYED an Eddy Gordo player from school (on a field trip) 6x straight as Hwoarang on an arcade machine. 😂

  31. Meta Knight Smash Brawl anyone that guy could literally become invisible for an entire match and is just OP in general

  32. A few errors…. There are no other bosses other than Galactus…. Akuma first appeared in Super Street Fighter 2…

  33. The most hated fighters imo is D’vorah from mk series and Leroy smith from tekken 7

  34. Did anyone else die inside everytime they had to square up with Dahlsim in any street fighter that he was present in?

  35. Rugal from the King of Fighters series. Calling him “cheap” is actually being generous 😂.
    Also don’t forget Gill from Street Fighter 3rd Strike. I have absolutely no words to describe him lol.

  36. I got so cheesy when Cinder came back to Killer Instinct, because He can easily float over most punch combos, and he can do a fly attack where he does a fly dive straight into U.
    Which lead to him being banned in the Championship series LMAO

  37. Lol what are they talking about in mk 11 Noob Saibot is complete garbage! 99% of his offense can be crouch blocked. Duck and block and he can barely do anything to you

  38. I think Omega from Dead or Alive 2 was a lot harder than Alpha in Dead or Alive 4 cause literally every hit he landed was what A Quarter to a half of your Health. And the weird Camera Angle, as well as the Trip Graphics

  39. was never a big fan of Dural from Virtua Fighter.

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