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12 Fighting Games of 2020 and Beyond

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It’s hard to believe that there have been so many great fighting games in recent years. Soulcalibur 6, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Samurai Shodown have been the real standouts. However, that list continues to expand, thanks to both recent and upcoming releases. Let’s take a look at 12 worthwhile fighting games for 2020 and beyond.





  1. Did he really call XV "x,v" instead of fifteen?

  2. I like how half of these comments are just bots

  3. I see what you did there with the title and thumbnail
    Scrubs on every fighting game and beyond
    "Sataima" lol

  4. I see what you did there with the title and thumbnail
    Scrubs on every fighting game and beyond
    I see what you did there with the title and thumbnail

  5. i think i am the only one hoping bloody roar will be on the list

  6. We need games like urban reign , def jam
    Final fight game franchise

  7. Sonic battle is still one of the best fighting games ever. change my mind

  8. Lmao who made this list? They accidentally put Arena Fighting games in the list

  9. Punch planet looks promising…. hmm sorry but it really doesn't 😄…

  10. One punch man a hero nobody knows?… Lol that actually made me laugh

  11. SFIV is the best over V. Dead or Alive 5 beats 6 by a thin margin. 👊

  12. Competitive fighting games we need:

    – BLEACH

    – BAKI


    – NARUTO


  13. Sucks that arc systems won’t put any guilty gear games on Xbox

  14. Why are most if not all of these comments just bots?


  16. Unfortunately 90% off decent fighting games are infiltraded by anime shit

  17. Dude mentions a bunch of fighting games…doesn't even mention Dragon Ball FighterZ…. ok.

  18. standout??? EVERYBODY hates mk11… what are you talking about… sells probably

  19. League of legends fighting game will revive the fighting game genre

  20. Only hype for King of Fighters 15 if it comes to Switch

  21. Gran blue fantasy looks like a rip off of guardian heroes from sega saturn

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  27. It may be an open-world fighter but where dafuq is Genshin Impact?

  28. hey man im a big fan of one punch man and the one punch man game but lets be real.
    even one punch man fans know that this game isnt even near as good as street fighter, grand blue, guilty gear

  29. Bruh i like how saitama just one punch everyone

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