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12 Best Online Multiplayer Fighting Games on Android/iOS [Real-Time PvP]

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We’ve all played fighting games at least once or twice in our lives, right? our gaming journey all started with such games since we were little, I’m talking about games such as “Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter…etc”. These games still going strong till this date, if not stronger than ever.

So today we’re counting probably the best online Multiplayer 1v1 Fighting games to play on Android or iOS in Real-Time Battles. Let’s be real, no one likes to play against bots or AI, it’s all about Real-Time PvP!

if you’re a fan of fighting games and you’re looking for the best online competitive multiplayer fighting games to play in real time, then this video is totally for you! 🙂

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0:00 intro


1:29 Metal Revolution
2:12 Knights Fight 2
2:46 INVICTUS: Lost Soul
3:26 Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
4:01 City Fighter vs Street Gang
4:35 WWE Undefeated
5:10 Real Steel WRB
5:48 Gladihoppers
6:23 BlazBlue RR
6:55 Final Fighter
7:35 SkullGirls: Fighting RPG
8:09 Shadow Fight Arena

8:38 Outro

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Thanks for watching! ❤

Plyzon ♛


  1. Can i play shadow fight with my friend?I mean, is it available to create room?

  2. Sir are these games compatible with game pad controller

  3. Hmm hello excuse is real steel player vs player as in like me and my brother can fight each other ingame?

  4. Real Steel was my sh*t back in the day. Too bad the company behind it has turned capitalist

  5. I could not find metal revolution

  6. Real time pvp ? What nonsense ! Most of them are probably just bots better offline than online

  7. i had seen a same suggestion of game on other video with same order is it coincidence or did he copy u or did u copy him i am curious 😂

  8. Please read my comment althought its late since you make this video i wanna ask if there is any games like mortal kombat where you dont need to upgrade champions/hero/characters and not choose between three or two character and both multiplayer like the mortal kombat on ps4 for mobile any games like that would do me and my friends would wanna a have a little competition if there is any please suggestus

  9. Can I play with my friend in real Steel wrb

  10. I have touble finding some of these games are they region locked

  11. Hey dude whats the name of the game u played in the outro? 😀

  12. final fighter is like the arcade games thats i actually like

  13. the shadow fight arena transition is so smooth

  14. Yo honestly I came looking for a game and stayed because I was entertained. Great editing, good gameplay. And good games! You're definitely underrated. I'll be telling some people about you. 🙂

  15. I've tried skullgirls before it's really fun to play!

  16. Love your videos bro 👍👍👍
    By the way I also got a channel!
    Got a lot of inspiration from you for making video!

  17. how do you set up the account for metak revolution?


  19. are u sure real steel wrb is real time pvp and not with bots

  20. Can you try to find a way to get minecraft pocket edition for free?

  21. Nice vid bro… Shadow fight arena real fights games

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