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12 Best Online Multiplayer Fighting Games on Android/iOS [Real-Time PvP]

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We’ve all played fighting games at least once or twice in our lives, right? our gaming journey all started with such games since we were little, I’m talking about games such as “Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter…etc”. These games still going strong till this date, if not stronger than ever.

So today we’re counting probably the best online Multiplayer 1v1 Fighting games to play on Android or iOS in Real-Time Battles. Let’s be real, no one likes to play against bots or AI, it’s all about Real-Time PvP!

if you’re a fan of fighting games and you’re looking for the best online competitive multiplayer fighting games to play in real time, then this video is totally for you! 🙂

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0:00 intro


1:29 Metal Revolution
2:12 Knights Fight 2
2:46 INVICTUS: Lost Soul
3:26 Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
4:01 City Fighter vs Street Gang
4:35 WWE Undefeated
5:10 Real Steel WRB
5:48 Gladihoppers
6:23 BlazBlue RR
6:55 Final Fighter
7:35 SkullGirls: Fighting RPG
8:09 Shadow Fight Arena

8:38 Outro

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Thanks for watching! ❤

Plyzon ♛


  1. Hey bro, in all of that list wich game i could play with gamepad?

  2. ভাই এমন কোন গেম আছে আমার ফেন্ডের সাথে ওন লাইনে 1vs1 খেলা যাবে।

  3. Its wierd seeing a top mobile fighting game list without brawlhalla

  4. In my mobile shadow fight arena is not available 😭😭

  5. Can i play fighting arena betwenn my friend

  6. If flappy fighter was still up it would’ve been up on this list

  7. Can the Metal Revolution play with pvp? Like, I wanna invite someone to come along play with me that game. Can we play with Metal Revolution?

  8. I'm giving this video a like because power rangers legacy wars is here

  9. Does anyone know when metal revolution will be download able in android

  10. My favorite is Shadow Fight arena🥰. Which is your favorite? Answer me at comment ☺️

  11. Invictus : Lost Soul no longer exists on any app or play store… Game has been discontinued

  12. I strongly disagree with Shadow Fight Arena. You dont need skills in that game. All you need to do is block then grapple.

  13. I gave it a thumbs down because after your intro you said, let's rock and you showed another intro.👾🧩

  14. Is there anything new for iOS like 3D arena fighting

  15. Wow nice list , i want to try all of those

  16. These are some great games, I can tell u put time into ur vids (unlike other ppl) thx for this vid, I wanna try all of these🥳🤩

  17. 4th game is not a multiplayer game so I unlike the video

  18. Ngl I love Metal Revolution but those people who spam Ritter's heavy are annoying asfk

  19. What about tekken 6 on ppsspp local multiplayer, customization and not a single microtransaction in sight absulute jem. I would say smash bros melee but on mobile its not the smoothest experience unless u got like a razor gameing phone.

  20. There no metal rev on play store 🙁

  21. Is there any pvp local games for kids who can play within the same household via 2 different handsets. I am having big difficulty finding such games I don't know if Internet is required or Bluetooth or both. Can somebody help this desperate father please. Thanks

  22. Bro please help me 🥺i can't play this final fighter game since last week this game get froze and shows daily check rewards in Chinese and i can't even collect anything 😥

  23. does wwe undefeated better than wwe mayhem?

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