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100 Combos from 100 Fighting Games 2 (1000 Subscribers Special)

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Before my sub count drops back to 3 digits, I just want to say we did it! Happy 1k subs! I am so thankful for everyone of you subscribing to my small Youtube channel, watching and liking my videos even though it is a mixed of Fighting Games, Genshin/HSR, Pokemon, etc. I am so thankful and happy we got this milestone!

As promised, this video is my second 100 combo video and I wanted it to be more “educational” where most of the groupings here is by series so that you can see the evolution of that game and of course how their combos are performed normally.

I don’t have much to say but thank you and I hope you get blessed today coz your deserve it!

0:00 Tekken Series
1:49 Virtua Fighter/Fighting Vipers Series
3:03 Marvel/vs. Series
5:27 SNK/KoF Series
8:52 Bloody Roar Series
10:01 Killer Instinct Series/Vicious Circle
11:04 Street Fighter EX Series
11:24 Capcom/Street Fighter Series
12:27 Arcsys/Guilty Gear Games
14:52 Others

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  1. So many games I’ve never heard of in the others section.What is the most obscure fighting game you’ve played?I once obsessed over newgrounds rumble, despite it being limited by hardware.

  2. Now we wait for 200 combos in 200 fighting games for your 2K milestone.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful dude keep up the good work

  4. Weird how well soul edge flows into Spiderman's theme

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