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10 Upcoming Fighting Games of 2021 & Beyond

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Here’s a list of the most anticipated fighting games releasing on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

List of all upcoming fighting games
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0:00 Start and Intro
0:15 Guilty Gear: Strive
1:23 Metal Revolution
2:01 The King of Fighters XV
2:53 Die by the Blade
3:34 Melty Blood Type Lumina
4:14 Phantom Breaker: Omnia
4:54 Project L
5:40 Hellish Quart
6:30 King Of The Hat
7:09 Street Fighter VI

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  1. whatoplay i did pre-order a lot ofnthe fgs on the list. still waiting for pre-orders to be available now day.

  2. Why don’t games have limbs fly off like they use to back in the day. Die by the blade would be awesome if you could chop off shit while battling.

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