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10 Upcoming Fighting Games of 2021 & Beyond

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Here’s a list of the most anticipated fighting games releasing on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

List of all upcoming fighting games
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0:00 Start and Intro
0:15 Guilty Gear: Strive
1:23 Metal Revolution
2:01 The King of Fighters XV
2:53 Die by the Blade
3:34 Melty Blood Type Lumina
4:14 Phantom Breaker: Omnia
4:54 Project L
5:40 Hellish Quart
6:30 King Of The Hat
7:09 Street Fighter VI

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  1. love everything that u guys did with the video ! just wonder why your view it’s not that high…such great info and ranking system you guys got here !

  2. for me, that DIE BY THE BLADE and HELLISH QUART is unique

  3. How about
    kimetsu no yaiba hinokami kepputan?
    No one talking about it?

  4. KING OF FIGHTERS looks garbage wtf same as the last 1 outdated graphics shitty anime style kiddy faces im tired of that shit they just phoning it in because they now dumbasses will buy it but come on its a new generation and we still get porcelain Barbie doll looking characters snk 3d models look awful….. 2d is were they shine i recommend king of fighters 13

  5. Sweet Lord #4 die by the blade looks terrible and incredibly boring. I simply don’t see how in the world there can be any fun to be had in a game like that

  6. Look I’m a big Melty Blood fan but after seeing what Arc Systemworks brings to the table the visuals in this new one are incredibly disappointing

  7. Good list! I'd also include the rather mysterious eSports-focused release from SEGA: Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown. It may just end up being Final Showdown dressed up with 2021 online play … but who knows, could be pretty fun!

  8. What's your basing that kof xv is coming out this year ?

  9. strive is not close to as good as xrd

  10. My Uncle at Nintendo said, Bandai is not releasing SF6, but Darkstalkers.
    Gets a Genre Overhaul though, it is now a Battle Royale Driving Game.

  11. Please stop with the false narrative that fighting games take “months and months of practice to learn a single character.” Developers keep dumbing down fighting games because people keep pretending they’re too hard.

  12. I’m wondering if Capcom 6 is not one game but a collection of 6 announcements they have lined up. I think a long time ago there was a similar thing where the set of projects was called “Capcom Five” internally.

  13. The next Namco game is most likely going to be Tekken X Street Fighter. So maybe Capcom might take the opportunity to make a new Darkstalkers game but they probably won't.

  14. I thought I was the only one to play fighting games in restroom stalls

  15. Give us 3D fighters! Tekken 8, Dead Or Alive 7, Soul Calibur 7.

    I absolutely hate 2D fighters. Lazy and flashy as hell.

  16. If Street fighter 6 becomes a thing. I’m willing to spend 200 on gold bundle

  17. Appreciate the '*normal*' fighting game list, I mean no frantic tag type FG's.

    Really curious about Metal Revolution and Project L.. since I have businesses to attend to and bills to pay and mouths to feed.

  18. No matter how godly awesome the netcode is when your game doesn't have cross platform feature and it takes 24hours to find someone to play online with. So what's the point??

  19. Wow… Riot really wanna make every games from moba, fps, and now they really want to make another game. Really curious about the game

  20. Whoever made this doesn't play fighting games

  21. Hey everyone there's another new fighting game coming out,Forgot what it was called,Its looks similar to smash and Brawlhalla and I remember 2 of the characters names,Toko (And somebody else,They are pretty much the ice twins clone) And amani, (I think)

  22. We need more 3d fighters, also more tag games-

  23. Did he just underestimate the complexity of melty blood? 😂

  24. Most of these look like games for little girls.

  25. We need new anime/manga competitive fighting games. Just to mention a few:

  26. I wish the switch was getting some cool fighting games

  27. I hope in a Bloody Roar or a Marvel VS Capcom… a well done one, thanks

  28. Finally.. Bushido Blade again. Il never play another Capcom fighter till Darkstalkers.

  29. guilty gear is just like dragon ball fighter z

  30. Street fighter 5 and tekken 7 commonly as sport

  31. Will metal revolution come to console?

  32. I searched upcoming japanese fighting games and that was dumb to search. If you know what i mean.

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