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10 Hardest Video Game Bosses That Required Incredible Skill

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Who’s ready for some rage-quit PTSD?

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  1. Final nemesis on Re3r on the hardest difficulty.

  2. I feel like absolute radiance should be here

  3. Where’s the ice boss from Luigi’s mansion dark moon

  4. Orphan of Kos is not hard I just do Parry's

  5. King Dice is really easy to cheese…. if you can even get to him that is. God damn SoB flying minibosses

  6. Going to go a bit farther back for this one. If you have not played God Hand, PS2, you missed out. Also digitally available for the PS3. The final boss, Angra, fought immediately after beating another challenging boss, Azel. The camera movement in the game alone will make you want to rage quit.

  7. 4:305:05 can confirm it took me like a week to beat Alma and even then I was out of money healing potions spell orbs and at a fraction of my overall health

  8. naxxramas 4 horsemen? nah ur a casual scrub who only plays single players

  9. Sephiroth should have been on this list somewhere…

  10. Any Radiance, I Repeat, Any Radiance The Modded Boss from Hollow Knight.

  11. Palpatine in the PSP version of Force Unleashed? Damn that took some practice.

  12. In my opinion gwyn from dark souls 1 should be on the list for he is a preaty fast hard hiting boss with small counter atack Windows but he can be cheese by containt parrying but that also requires skill

  13. Where the hell is Nuclear Throne ?

  14. Unreal tournament… God difficulty is a really hard game and you never can win against the last Boss. Malcolm is a beast, dodge, headshots and … They are just gods…

  15. I laughed so hard at 6:19 because this is exactly how i felt when i first fought this boss

  16. idk how i killed orphan of kos bloodborne i thought it was easy as soon i reached i started attacked and didnt gave him the chance lol i didnt knew he was difficult

  17. Still haven’t killed the bloody Orphan of Kos, I hate that fucker 🤡
    Edit: he made me destroy a couple of control pads

  18. I’m surprised no Nioh boss made the list despite numerous fuckers in both games

  19. Nioh 1, Everlasting Duty 1200….
    FF7, Ruby Weapon
    Kingdom Hearts 2, Lingering Will
    World of Warcraft, Mythic 25 Arthas

    If you think Nameless King and Kos are hard….

    You dont know pain like i know pain….

  20. I fell like a lot of Dark Souls 3 is less hard and more just a matter of muscle memory and patience unlike most Gamers and Youtubes who just try to rush or have to pay attention to stream, recording and game in same time
    Nameless king you can beat with well timed dodges, Midir had to look up a guide and Fume was the key, Actually died more to environments and bullshit then to bosses

    BUT if you want to curl up and cry without using bullshit try the Lingering will WHOO BOY, that guy will rip and tear your ass open

  21. No disrespect on the number one in this list but i think Owl Father secret boss fight is much harder than Isshin.

  22. The true boss of any game has to be

    The Camra angel

  23. Ishiin is the best boss ever created.

  24. Orphan of kos honestly wasn’t that hard

  25. I don’t regret playing sword saint straight up even tho it took somewhere between 3-5 hours for me. Best boss fight I’ve ever experienced in a game. The second I beat him is a feeling I’ll never forget.

  26. I would say that slave knight Gael and darkeater midir is harder than nameless king

  27. what video about bosses doesn't have dark souls

  28. Funny how you are describing dark souls with all of the hardness

  29. Deamon of hatred was wayy harder than Isshin imo

  30. Nameless King made a higher rank than Orphan of Kos? Really? 🤦‍♂️

  31. Owl Father is actually hard but optional so Ishin being the hardest is fair

  32. Ishiin? Really? That damm demon just before him took me much more time. I mean I really liked his fight, it was so satysfying but for me it wasn't the hardest one in the game.

  33. Kinda disappointed Kushala Daora is not on this list…..

  34. I would say the second owl fight was much more difficult than isshin.

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