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10 Hardest Video Game Bosses That Required Incredible Skill

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  1. Bro I beat Ares when I was like 10 and nameless king is nothing compared to some of the other bosses in the series

  2. I managed to beat Isshin for the 4th try overall, owl father was much harder for me

  3. nameless king was not that hard for me it took me like 30 min

  4. i literally beat ishinn sword saint like 2 hours ago it felt soo good to beet him.

  5. why isn't Queen Larsa from Futari in this list, 0/10

  6. kinda feel badass that i used to beat skolas and he on this list 💀

  7. I‘ve played both Sekiro and DS3 and they are nothing compared to Absolute Radiance and Nightmare King Grimm from Hollow Knight. Isshin and Nameless King took me like 2h, Absolute Radiance about 15. By far the hardest game if you want to see every ending.

  8. Any boss fight that has a quick-time event at the end and then, if the player fails, regenerates the boss's health meter can go f… itself (yes, god of war, I'm looking at you) 😀

  9. Why does everyone say Aries was such a hard fight I remember being a kid and my friends saying oh man wait till you get to the Aries boss fight and then I beat him first try

  10. I would disagree with the nameless king even being on this list. Everyone struggles with hard bosses for the first time but once u get a small feel for his dodge timers it’s not very hard

  11. So what about clicking 38,000+ cps for 8 hours straight, how hard does that sound

  12. #1 should be God of war :Sigrun-The queen of Valkyries

  13. Idk get what every sees in kos I never had problems whit him in my opinion midir is the hardest of souls

  14. There should have been Slave Knight Gael in this list

  15. eh, none of these are nearly as bad as the halo 2 jackal snipers. Those are real bosses. Especially on LASO you will have the most upset time of your life let alone halo 2 itself is probably a boss for the halo series.

  16. Looks like you never defeated dark aeons of ff10 international

  17. Matt from Wii Sports wasn't in the list list because it would be too unfair and obvious for this list.

  18. I feel like Slave Knight Gael should have been on this list Sword Saint Ishin felt extremely react-able while Gael is just relentless in his kit, damage, range, and health. And for anyone that goes "What about Midir?" No, that boss fight is hard for all the wrong reasons.

  19. the Dying light bozak horde guy is totally the hardest boss u will ever see.

  20. You also gotta count inner agent 3, that was also extremely hard, and don't even get me started on kirby games

  21. King Dice at #2? I think Grim Matchstick should've been placed there instead or Dr Kahl's Robot considering so many people think it's the hardest boss.

  22. The apostle of the fox goddesses cult says:

    Orphan of Kos took me 7 tries and I first try it's second phase, I was so proud to beat him that few tries

  23. Where’s Isaac Frost from Fight Night (I never had to protect himself so much , one punch form him and your help goes to down 75%)

  24. I love how these games are considered super hard but every other comment is someone saying they beat most of them on their first try haha.

  25. Demi fiend from digital devil saga would like to have a word with you

  26. Orphan of kos is easily a harder boss than nameless king

  27. "10 Hardest Video Game Bosses" but doesn't include Inbachi from Saidaioujou, a boss that has never been defeated (withouth cheating aka TAS and pause buffering). I dream on the day someone will do an Expert 1-ALL Inbachi clear, that would be absolutely incredible.

  28. If I can beat king dice can I beat the other bosses too?

  29. bloons td battles boss dude with like infinite health should have been 10th and also btd 6 bloody puddles chimps should have been 9th

  30. Gotta add alpha dragon I have done like dice king and he is nothing compared to alpha dragon

  31. I love that Skolas is on this list. He was absolute bs bs back in the day. Actually he still is lol. The real challenge now is beating him solo, which is only possible cause the addition of swords and their block ability can negate the devouring essence

  32. Honestly for me Yozora (the KH3 final secret boss) is still the hardest boss I’ve fought in the last few years. Isshin, Midir, Sigrun… like they’re all hard, but Yozora is just freaking ridiculous, especially in his last phase.

  33. What kind of uncultured swine doesn’t put Sigrun on a “hardest bosses ever” list?

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