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10 Fighting Game characters that had to be BANNED in tournament

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Today we’re looking at the top 10 Fighting Game characters that had to be BANNED from competitive play, whether it’s because they’re simply too powerful, give an advantage to certain platforms, or are bugged/broken! Enjoy the list!

Check out Stumblebee’s video about why it’s so hard to ban FG characters:

Check out the origins of Ivan Ooze being the most broken character in fighting games:

Check out some competitive Power Rangers SNES gameplay here:

Sources for SC4 footage:

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  1. There's a way worse character that you forgot! Street Fighter alpha 2 Shin Akuma! He had a double air fireball. That was insane!

  2. New Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (TBA), but Leafa (Sword Art Online) should be possibly playable and Banned from Tournament

  3. Some day soon, gamers will be hired for top tier MMA fight camps.

  4. What? Gon from Tekken wasn't a banned character? I was never allowed to use him when playing with any group of my friends. I thought for sure he would be banned in tournaments.

  5. Fist os the north star yet nothing was ever banned.

  6. Rugal (Boss) from King of fighters 2002 become playable characters. He should be ban too.

  7. When you realize your buddy who has been undefeated in a game was pretty much undefeated because the character he used was broken to the point tournaments banned that character and that I was the only one to beat him is pretty awesome lol

  8. List is super false, meta knight was never banned on a widespread basis, and as a soul caliber player, you can certainly get yoda in 4 with a ps3, he’s banned because he’s too short to be grappled

  9. Fast Justice is a living nightmare. Imagine Potemkin but with Chipp physics and he can also zone better than Axl

  10. People think Link was overpowered for a couple reasons. First, people hear ban and think that means op. Second, most fighting game players aren't competitive. They just have fun. So a character who can present an easy to use win condition they see as "oh my GAWD he must be the best character in the game." And Link has a really easy time ringing people out, and that's about it. Like tager in blazblue. Yeah he can do a lot of damage, but if you know how to deal with him it's not hard to win. So point two the inexperienced player mind confirms what they thought about point one. Essentially "Link banned because ring out op".

  11. wow. the power rangers. I was a little boy then. So much memories. I have no Nintendo back then so i simply rent by the hour to be able to play. And it was expenseive as well back then

  12. Uranus, from bloody roar primal fury. She was considered to powerful and easy to use so got banned in tornys.

  13. I don't think anybody banned Nightmare from SC2, but people always looked down their nose at me when I would win using him.

  14. The answer to Akuma was Dan. If your friend chooses Akuma every time in order to beat you, and you manage to beat them with Dan, then they won't play with you anymore.

  15. Ness shoulda been banned nothing is more infuriating then a pk fire spam

  16. I didn't know about any of this, entertaining video man

  17. As a Blanka main I love his costumes. Such a fun troll lol

  18. Gin from Tekken 3, too hard to hit me and my friends banned him.

  19. Was kinda op I purposely choose the fairy sword 😂

  20. Gon from Tekken 3 (and to a lesser extent Dr. B)

  21. Brawl is the only smash game with random trip chance and when tested Metaknight has the lowest chance to trip. Coincidence? I think not!

  22. I remember on Samurai Showdown/Samurai Spirits. Cant remember if it were 1 or 2. The hidden code that lets you play as the last boss Amakuza. He has that black fireball move where he slams the ground engulfed in the black energy ball. and it doesn't matter where you are cause it is homing. And it has no cool down so you can just spam it until you get a flawless victory. You could literally put in the button combo while the attack animation was still going on and it would just do it again with no pause in between. And not only that it took like 1/3 to 1/2 of your life bar. So 2 or 3 hits is all it took to ko you. I don't know if samurai showdown 1 and 2 were popular tournimate games. But the hidden last boss char was totally unfair to use. Especially when his specials were easy so anyone could pull them off. you could literally just mash random buttons and spawn special moves by complete accident.

  23. You missed the marker for the Gill section in the video timeline 🙂

  24. Kinda wild MKX didnt have a skin or character ban when you look at the reasons these characters were banned

  25. No one gets banned at the ol' home tournaments… well with one exception, no Oddjob!

  26. Should be set to random choice. Haven't played in years . Haven't watched tournaments but random button stopped a lot of arguments when we were kicking lumps out of each other. I don't care who you pick but random button became fun when we were playing team Tekken tag ☺️

  27. I put legitimate time into power rangers. I had a famicom and hundreds of floppy discs, and power rangers loaded up in half the time to start street fighter.

  28. What about Vermillion in Battle Arena Toshinden 2? Jago in Killer Instinct 1? Talon in Primal Rage? Grendel in Mace: the Dark Age?

  29. Kid Goku and UI Goku before Balance Patches lol.

  30. Back in the day, people used to complain about how good Eddy Gordo was in Tekken. Super easy to learn his combos and very hard to counter at times.

  31. For the costume bans I think you should have mentioned the default costume that got banned for being too sexualized

  32. Wasn’t star killer also a soul caliber character in the same game as yoda and Vader

  33. I am surprised that Red Riding Hood for Shrek SuperSlam did not get a mention, she is super busted and banned in most tournaments.

  34. Shin Akuma Street Fighter Alpha 2I have been accused of cheating with this toon more than any other.

  35. Bruh… it did not need to take 90 seconds to actually start the video jeez

  36. Not a very known game but Miss Spencer from RRXX instant kill with killer move and unbreakable string from the back

  37. Petshop did nothing wrong! It's not his fault he is so bad ass 😭

  38. Not being able to use Blanka's story costume in tournaments is a crime against humanity.

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