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10 FANTASTIC Upcoming Indie Fighting Games – 2021 & beyond

Best Indie Games
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If you love fighting games across all sub-genres, come see the 10 upcoming indie games that I’m excited about!

00:00 ► Start
00:25 ► #10 Sclash :
00:53 ► #9 Clash of the Metal :
01:07 ► #8 Varvarion :
02:08 ► #7 The Black Heart :
02:51 ► #6 Trajes Fatais: Suits of Fate :
03:50 ► #5 Metal Revolution :
05:01 ► #4 5 Force Fighters :
06:28 ► #3 :
07:20 ► #2 :
08:44 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

Feel free to get in touch via Twitter / email for comments, requests or just to make a human connection and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

PS: Most of the links above are tied to some affiliate program where I do get a percentage of the sales, so thank you for supporting the channel.
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  1. wow clash of metal actually showcasing the UFE2 default moveset for the demo characters that come with the game engine. I guess they just been workin on the art?

  2. I never saw this video until now! Thank you for covering 5 Force Fighters a lot of improvements have made since then and they’ll be on full display soon! 🎊🍾

  3. Metal Revolution and Clash of the Metal in a nutshell: Real Steel + Street Fighter

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