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10 FANTASTIC Upcoming Indie Fighting Games – 2021 & beyond

Best Indie Games
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If you love fighting games across all sub-genres, come see the 10 upcoming indie games that I’m excited about!

00:00 ► Start
00:25 ► #10 Sclash :
00:53 ► #9 Clash of the Metal :
01:07 ► #8 Varvarion :
02:08 ► #7 The Black Heart :
02:51 ► #6 Trajes Fatais: Suits of Fate :
03:50 ► #5 Metal Revolution :
05:01 ► #4 5 Force Fighters :
06:28 ► #3 :
07:20 ► #2 :
08:44 ► #1 :

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  1. not one of these game have even been mentioned in 2022

  2. why not make fraymakers come out on consoles that dont have many or no platform fighters instead they release it on steam and switch which there are plenty and SMASH screw it anyway they took so long now multiversus is coming out they have to be quicker than that

  3. apparently pocket fighters did not make there crowdfund goal and failed

  4. For anyone who doesn't know, here's a demo version for Pocket Bravery on steam

  5. I'm looking forward to Blazing Strike that one looks really fun and the pixelart is amazing.

  6. Clash of the metal has "Soldier's Dream" song from Saint Seiya.

  7. Pocket Bravery looks so right in the core things that matter: You can read what's happening with the graphics, the sense of punchiness to attacks feels satisfying and the fights look like they develop variety. Looks v promising.

    Vararion graphics and character designs are really impressive.

  8. Regarding the game Suits of Fate, it is a Brazilian game that was created by a crowdfunding on Kickstater and unfortunately the game will not be released because one of the devs of the game took all the money from this crowdfunding, if I were you would keep away from this game, is years without receiving any news

  9. That Force Fighters really spiking my interest

  10. ArcSys works on a Dungeon Fighters Fighting Game.

  11. Blazing Strike seems to be the heir of the 2D fighting games of our childhood… Can't wait !

  12. Definitely stoked for everything on this list! I played the mobile closed+open beta for Metal Revolution, I'll probably play it on both mobile and PC lol

  13. What? Black Heart remake?

  14. I'm liking the tech in 5 Force Fighters, definitely going to get this one.

  15. Metal revolution huh? Certainly one to watch out for. I get a blazblue vibe from the combat.

  16. My country being very well represented with Pocket Bravery and Trajes fatais. Top notch pixel!

  17. Blazing Strike and Suits of Fate looks excellent.

  18. Sclash and blazing strike looks amazing

  19. Varvarion is Battle Toshinden Revival. Some of those entries looks amazing

  20. Do cover some indie games for Android/iOS which are non paid 🤘🤘

  21. Sclash looks beautiful
    Love the bushido blade – like concept

  22. has cerebrawl too …. another indie fighting game … you should check too

  23. Cangaceiro isn't a scarecrow, cangaceiro like a cowboy from Brazil, but pistols isn't him signature, the signature of a cangaceiro is him knife, peixeira.

  24. 2:536:32 I never heard about these two games and they look awesome… This channel does take seriously the searching of great indie games. That's amazing

  25. The games all look amazing, great compilation

  26. Blazing Strike… Nothing in common with Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

  27. Who is the character in this video’s thumbnail?

  28. @Best Indie Games When do Wind runners be release this yr? can't wait for it :/

  29. 00:53 Saint Seiya's song (Soldier Dream). A little different, but still extremely recognizable.

  30. I'm still hope they will create little fighters 3

  31. Hey, nice video as alwasy! 😀
    Can you please recommend us more game like Super smash bros ?

  32. Yo this one is amazing! About to look up some of these. Can't wait until the official release

  33. I'm so glad you made another one of these fighting game lists thank you, and keep up the great work 👍 😀

  34. I met the black heart developer and seeing his game in the channel is awesome 😎

  35. Varvarion's characters remind me of a SNES 2D fighting game named WeaponLord.

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