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10 FANTASTIC Upcoming Indie Fighting Games – 2021 & beyond

Best Indie Games
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If you love fighting games across all sub-genres, come see the 10 upcoming indie games that I’m excited about!

00:00 ► Start
00:25 ► #10 Sclash :
00:53 ► #9 Clash of the Metal :
01:07 ► #8 Varvarion :
02:08 ► #7 The Black Heart :
02:51 ► #6 Trajes Fatais: Suits of Fate :
03:50 ► #5 Metal Revolution :
05:01 ► #4 5 Force Fighters :
06:28 ► #3 :
07:20 ► #2 :
08:44 ► #1 :

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  1. Metal Revolution and Blazing Strike looks superb! Sick showcase!

  2. Oh man, I still can't understand you properly because of your accent (are you French?), but the options presented here are very interesting.

    Blazing Strike looks soooo cool, bringing back memories from SNK's Golden Age, with Fatal Fury 2 , Art of Fighting 1&2 and so on… It's the one that impressed me the most.

    Of course Pocket Bravery and Trajes Fatais – Suits of Fate look awesome since are being developed by my fellas from Brazil, but unlike the former, Trajes Fatais apparently won't be released, since there's a serious problem about the crowdfunding money, due to conflicts among the devs… Anyway, the Pocket Bravery is a great promise.

  3. it's always another 2D, anime arena, or smash bros fighter.
    tekken/soulcalibur/virtua fighter has set the foundations but i really feel that being better than them is not that hard.
    all that's left is to add on good netcode with fun options and game modes, while literally copying the foundations from the games, then you will have a good and proper 3D fighter.

  4. OMG every good game is steam that's annoying

  5. Blazing Strike about to be the New Generation of fighting games. Hope ya'll prepared to strike.

  6. Black heart existed decades ago, just as a MUGEN fullgame

  7. VARVARION is bade from one of charater desinger of arcsystem that made dragonball fighterz

  8. Hana from Blazing Strike resembles Menat from SFV.

  9. Respect for that Solider Dream instrumental at the beginning

  10. i played metal revolution on cellphone, and is a cool game, and they are reworking some stuff

  11. ᏆhᎬ ᏢᏒᎾᏢhᎬᏟᎽ Ꭵs ᏆᏒuᎬ says:

    Metal revolution for me it's just boring :/
    There's no difficulty to make combos and the inputs are super simplified making the gameplay not that good

  12. Thank you very much for featuring us in this compilation, we are honored!

  13. I thought Suits of Fate was an abandoned project, I wolf love to see it actually being released.

  14. You didn't even mention the best part of Fraymakers, that it comes with it's very own creation tools. So people can make their very own stages & characters, meaning that it'll have a huge ammount of fan made content. Rivals of Aether had a surprising ammount of good mods & that didn't have those tools.

  15. Man… I think, wait no I'M SURE blazing strike gonna shake whole of the fgc once it's released

  16. Force Fighters is definitely looking like a new crush.

  17. 1. Pocket Bravery
    2. Varvarion
    3. Blazing Strike

    My top 3 all the way.

  18. thanks for including The Black Heart! 😀

  19. so sad not a single one is made by japanese devs. i just can't stand the style of western fighting games that take inspiration from 90s fighting games.

  20. Aaaaaa X BOX ONE S OR PS4. Theses are only steam games, well that sucks


  22. Clash of the Metal is stealing Saint Seiya's theme or I'm hearing wrong?

  23. Yes suits of fate, trajes fatais jogo do meu país, aqui e Brasil!

  24. it's js so sad that traditional pixelart fighting games like the ones SNK/Capcom/System Art make are out of reach for indie developers due to how hard it is to draw many sprites for each character and polish the fighting mechanics while balancing everything out

  25. Who is the character in the thumbnail? Looks like the art style from Capcom vs SNK 2.

  26. Heard soldier dream in the background music n.n

  27. Sclash looks extremely interesting. Reminds me of oldschool Bushido Blade.

    I've been keeping tabs on Vavarion for what feels like years. Can't wait for it to come out.

    Trajes Fatais looks fun. Love that she tap dances on top of her opponent as her ult lmao.

    Metal Revolution does look a bit too much like Overwatch, but it seems to be done well. I feel the trailer's going a bit too "sensory overload"-ish though. Only a few times do you actually see a fight happening, whereas the majority of it is just watching cool special cutscene attacks that get spliced into another clip of another cool special cutscene attack that gets spliced into another clip o-you get the point.

    5 Force Fighters looks pretty awesome. Those afros are on point.

    Pocket Bravery's pixel art is amazing. Very fluid animations as well.

    Fraymakers reminds me also of Rivals of Aether, but with a roster similar to Smash bros in that they take other IPs and have them do battle. Looks like alot of fun.

    Blazing Strike looks like a game the older generation of fighting game enthusiasts would get into. Very good stuff here, and you can tell they pay homage to a few of those older fighting games in some of the characters' looks and attacks.

  28. WOAH Varvarion looks so damn cool, the character designs are siiiick especially the last guy with the teeth necklace

  29. It must take a special kind of bold to create an indie fighting game. They have all my respect.

  30. I can't believe an independent studio can make Varvarion but they still can't make a good Knights of Zodiac fighting game…

  31. why is varvarion only 8 it might be the best 3d fighting game ever + it has other content(wich all fighting games should have btw or else there outdated)

  32. Varvarion, indie? It's by Junya Motomura, lol. Also, indie games might be taken more seriously if they had better names. Schlash? Clash of Metal? lol.

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