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10 DIRTIEST Fighting Game Moves NOBODY Likes

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Fighting games, like anything competitive, have some dirty moves. Here’s a list of the ones we hear the most complaints about.
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  1. Don't forget about Eddie Scarfa and his hand stand combo or Yotsimishu and his sword stand or helicopter moves+ Orge and his flames and Devil Jin and his laser

  2. Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch me! I’m the stinky cheese man!

  3. Nightmare can grab you and throw you out of the ring when he's on the edge…

  4. This is just a noob being salty that he doesn’t know how to block.

  5. I’m surprised Hero’s Thwack & Whack aren’t here.

  6. In mortal kombat 11 I beat a guy hit who hired this rematch did it again

  7. These aren't dirty at all if you can't get past most of these then you're just bad

  8. Doomsday from injustice an Dadara from Naruto Shephuden didnt make the list.

  9. Dhalsim's slide kick spam in the corner in Street Fighter 2

  10. Kirby is the easiest thing to counter 😂😂

  11. ike from smash, where he throws it up and smashes down is cheap to

  12. noob saibot was my fav character in mk3 . i hope they bring him back

  13. Noob-Smoke from Mortal Kombat Deception could destroy anything if you knew all the special movesets. It was insane and cheap. God I miss that game!

  14. What about Noob Saibot in MK Trilogy. He had a move where he would turn you into a shadow so you couldn't fight back. Then just move in close for a tonne of easy damage

  15. noob can even go through more portals with you to increase damage

  16. It shows you know nothing of competitive Smash

  17. I was playing MKX the other day and somebody playing kitana just stayed in a corner and did a combo that left me in the air for most the match because they did an extremely long combo

  18. What's the name of the game with Solaire?

  19. Endless sweep in Mortal Kombat II, SEGA Mega Drive. My brother and I eventually made a rule that you can't do it more than three sweeps consecutively.

    Same game and console: jump over someone's head and flying kick them in the back. P*ssed. People. OFF!

  20. I'm surprised there's no mention of Mahvel. That game series takes every single thing on this list and cranks it up to 11.

  21. you can't make a fighting game related list. it's simply impossible to include something in a list when there's are tons of mechanics and moves from different franchises of fighting games. it just doesn't work unless you get the help from og legacy players. which they clearly haven't done enough research for this list

  22. Pk fire. Plus the Belmont's projectiles. And the waft.

  23. Deidaras Range Spaming Attacks in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Anyone?

  24. dude why isn't guile double kick not here? or ryu flying kick followed by sweep and repeat. or guiles sonic boom followed by his upward kick? or chun li with her attacks from above as she bounces from nothing on the air. anyone playign killer instinct know spamming cinder's fire tackle endlessly or galinsius <–idk if that how you spell it (ice man) uppercut when he dissolves and appears right next to you. how about fulgor with his teleportation and endless wave of beams coming from his eyes and arms.

  25. Dirtiest move, you say? When somebody continuously punches you, stops, and then punches you, so you can’t move, in a game where you don’t know how to block.

  26. I'm surprised the Dhalsim slide from sf5 isn't on here. During the move he has no hurtbox and its hard to punish…

  27. Also, Sagat's tiger is way more OP than Ryu hadoken. That SF2 version…

  28. What how could you not include KING from tekken one?! Just press left and down / right or down and "O" if i remember right and he would hit your leg and you got stunned, this was spammable

  29. Astaroth's axe sweep isn't as annoying as his headbut spam

  30. He says that killer instinct had the worst playable boss characters but master hand or giga browser in smash melee or onaga in mk deception

  31. You could do the same with kung lao. His grab worked when you were still on the ground.

  32. Kirby's down special is one of the easiest moves to punish in the game. Even if you are a noob.

  33. Hworang in Tekken Tag Tournament with the chain sidekicks…

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