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10 DIRTIEST Fighting Game Moves NOBODY Likes

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Fighting games, like anything competitive, have some dirty moves. Here’s a list of the ones we hear the most complaints about.
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  1. MK 3 ultimate rain roundhouse spam. Took a little practice to get right but once you hit the first one it's game over

  2. what is this list is it a joke or something

  3. dirtiest move in fighting games: Juggling. ok,ya caught me in the air. now put me down and fight me. puss.

  4. "RYO"
    I've heard of;
    Rie Yuuu and Ree Yuuu
    but never have I ever heard anyone call him "Ruu Yoo". You gameranx fellas Canadian or something?

  5. Like sonicfox playing erron black in mkx. No skill just pure spam

  6. Eyegol is ultimate example of cheese playable boss? Oh….

    KOF98UM & KOF2002UM: let us introduce ourselves.

  7. Yo, just grab kirby when he's a rock. Easy peasy

  8. Bruh sagats tiger in sf2 is way worse than spamming hadokens. He literly has a high and low and fast projectiles. And his will stun after like 2 heavy ones.

  9. somebody better call this guy a wahmbulance

  10. Bob in Tekken isn't a joke character. Rufus in SFIV is a joke character. Bob is weirdly the poster child for body positivity in Tekken. Which is weird considering dudes don't care about being called fat. We care if you call us short. Anyway, Bob isn't a joke character. He made Tekken 6 look like a joke. And your footage of Tekken is awful. Made me gouge out my eyes

  11. Nobody noticing how pet shop and dio were fighting each other in the first 40 secs?

  12. Spawn in SC2. He had a sliding attack that would knock you down and then he immediately would go to his floating stance in the air. From there you could do a slam while they're still on the ground and do a little axe spin for good measure. It can be tough to block those sliding attacks, imo.

  13. You know what's worse than all these combined? The Stryker nightstick move in MK3.. he literally fly's across the screen and you can't do shit once someone spams it.. trust me I've tried if you don't get the jump on them before they start doing it you're fucked

  14. Hee heeeee,haduken master of all speeds. Oh yeah. I still do it.😅

  15. Hellbreaker umvc3 lol every vergil player know what I'm talking about

  16. Tekken 3:
    Eddie Gordo leg combos
    Hwoarang leg combos

  17. Eddie Gordo from Tekken 3's stupid spin around on the ground leg kicky thing…

  18. This video brought up rage i thought I grew out of

  19. Personally I think picking Christie, Eddy and/or Tiger in any Tekken game quite to be a dick move, especially in team battle and they have have the audacity to pick all 3

  20. Lawbringer players in for honor or orochi light spam those bastards

  21. No offense but this was the dumbest video I've ever seen, nothing here was correct about any fighting game… nothing was dirty move just extreme noob level spam moves that if you dedicate 10 min of your time to learn any game mechanics you will beat with ease…

  22. Super Smash Brothers Melee
    Ice-Climber's Wobble combo.

    Very easily done. Grab opponent, tilt towards the opponent very slightly and tap the A button at a 1-2-1-2 rhythm. Popo's headbutt will sync with Nana's forward tilt leaving you locked in stun and unable to shake free of the grab. They are then free to pull you allll they way to 999 Damage or stall you out of the match if desired and there's no way to stop it once started unless you physically interrupt the player doing it do you lol.

  23. The OG SFII Guile slow sonic boom follow behind into drop kick, German suplex combo…jump back reset and do it again

  24. Love the Raul Julia Overdrawn at the Memory Bank pic!👍👍👍

  25. I think I pissed someone off with danzos tetrigram seal one hit hit in ultimate nija storm 4

  26. Nowadays we have combo breakers??? Killer Instinct had them in the early 90’s

  27. Hadouken spam isn't dirty because only a scrub player does that if you can't dodge them get off street fighter honestly.

  28. Clearly avoiding Lucky Perfect so people won't try and use her😂

  29. Bane is stupid OP in injustice 2, almost all of his grabs and specials have armor and hes fast af

  30. Lowkey triggered how you pronounce:" Hadouken" wrong even though the character even shouts the right pronounciation everytime he spams it xD

  31. i was waiting for Gon's Fart from Tekken 3… i think you missed that… even Paul's mighty fist could have a hard time and add yoshimitsu's healing ability (yeah i know you guys are waiting the Fap heal)

  32. I love Bob's backstory
    "Huh I've become crazy good at martial Arts but it seems just too easy. Oh, I know! I will get morbidly obese to make Kung Fu harder!"
    Lol like dammit Bob just be happy with being a terrifying badass.

  33. they easy then beat it with ur superior skill. infinte s of any kind are bad they arent just okay because u cant learn it if u have more time than other people which streamers and people who play games for a living will have then these vocal minority in the lime light can say games too boring taking too long add more damage despite that they have all day and will be playing for weeks to years to come.

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