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10 DIRTIEST Fighting Game Moves NOBODY Likes

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Fighting games, like anything competitive, have some dirty moves. Here’s a list of the ones we hear the most complaints about.
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  1. In tekken 3 there is move on character:"Paul" and this move is like super punch who can one tap everyone.

  2. When someone pauses the game in the middle of a combo

  3. Yeah noob saibot's teleport is really annoying in mk9 it is better now in mk11 but still a bit annoying when someone spams it If you do that throw the disc of the game out of toit window

  4. Damn, you brought up SCIV but didn't bring up Hilde?

  5. kirby down B shouldn't be on here. very dodge-able

  6. Sonya's kick in MK 9 too…. did that a lot…

  7. ken shoruken
    yun dive kick
    sagat tiger shot

  8. I remember beating my older sister in mortal kombat and she always called me a cheater even though I was button smashing and using combos

  9. Are you still a cyclops if he has 2 heads? I mean I know 1 eye just thinking out loud

  10. lmao thank you for this. i need to learn how to fight dirty

  11. MK Deception if you use Sub Zero you can repeatedly tap A (xbox)or X(ps2) and he will kick the opponent in the nuts over and over and they can not get away it's funny as hell unless your little brother does it and then says "Noob!!"

  12. Killer Instinct on the gameboy, infinite punch combo lol

  13. That bird looks like pet shop in the JJBA fighting game lol

  14. You forgot Rain from UMK3…water projectile them towards you, juggle roundhouse kick them and its literally unstoppable if you time it right

  15. Basically the first point in your video is the zoner class you hate the zoner class even though it's specifically designed to have projectiles I mean reuse not its owner class but he has a projectile and you're far enough away from me to use it so why not use it Deadshot is 100% his owner Harley Quinn is a zoner I can name the zoners off the top of my head grapplers not so much I don't play grappler I play zoner because well leather realm games tend to well have strong zoners and when half your special abilities are projectiles what are you supposed to do not use them

  16. Super dash in dragonball fighterz is annoying

  17. another MK one: scorpions spear grab and then teleport behind the other player in mk10. My wife and my friends don't let me play as scorpion anymore

  18. What about mortal Kombat 9s sub zero ice sword spam, literally no counter.

  19. Yoda's entire movelist from SC4 was a dirty

  20. Along with the uppercut, I'd mention the throw. But I love that MK sticks to the uppercut thing after all these years.

  21. LMAO @ "Don't hate the player hate the game" This man has quality jokes in almost every single video

  22. Only in video games would using a tactic to win, is considered bad. IRL I love me a dirty fight, nothing says I love you like .338 through a windshield.

  23. One I find cheap fighting style is Cyber Akuma, his attack is basically clean your hp up in no time. That is when you finally unlock him as a playable character, you can unleash at any opponent.

  24. It's not spamming it's called "Zoning"- The guy who spammed hadokens for 3 hours

  25. When I was young, I used to rent SNES in a gameshop near our village. There was this kid who got into a fight with his brother over the use of Ken's Axe Kick.

  26. Eddy Gordo Button Bashing in Tekken 3!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGG!!! Banned him from our local play-ups 😀

  27. megaman's arm cannon spam in marvel capcom 2… 1 button

  28. What about King's combo from the Tekken games in general

  29. What about King's combo from the Tekken games in general

  30. The one-move spammer, especially the uppercut or leg sweep.

  31. Noob from Mortal Kombat sending 1000 clones one after another the one that runs the one that takes out close ariel attacks… and the teleport pick them up and drop them on their head.

  32. Nightmare I just picked them up and throw them off 😛

  33. Chung Lee's spam kick when your friend is in the corner lol.

  34. #6 reminds me of a WORSE move: Quan Chi's "teleport stomp" in MK4.
    as far as i can tell, it CAN'T BE BLOCKED.
    AND the AI WILL use it at EVERY opportunity!
    if you jump, you get stomped.
    if you BLOCK ANY other move, you get stomped.
    if you use ANY projectile move, you get stomped.
    if you Run, you get hit with his projectile AND STOMPED!
    seriously, the ONLY possible counter is to use a teleport move YOURSELF.
    Scorpion's "teleport punch" is the BEST one.
    use it EVERY time he does Stomp and you have a CHANCE of winning.

    #5 reminds me of Samurai Showdown, the ninja character in the first game has a similar move, that does 50% damage!
    that's 50% of his opponent's CURRENT health, so it's not QUITE as bad as it sounds, but if he pulls it off near the beginning of the fight, that's pretty much the round.

    #1…what about Sub-Zero's ice-ball in the first MK game?
    if he hits his opponent ONCE , the then can just uppercut them and freeze them AGAIN, "rinse and repeat"! even the bosses are easy prey for that tactic!
    but THAT one got fixed, it's less effective in later games.

  35. My exgf would headbutt me with pikachu in smash brawl and it was annoying

  36. Link’s throw in SC 2 was insane. Ring out master.

  37. I personally find that, for Smash, Yoshi’s neutral B move to be the most annoying. You know, the one where he swallows you and lay you into an egg. It’s freaking fast and it makes you completely helpless for a few seconds and skilled players can just drop an opponent over the ledge with that almost straight from the bat. Another Smash move that I disliked was Peach/Daisy’s side B, the hip check thing. It’s easier to read and dodge and whatnot but in a group fight it’s bloody annoying, and that “HAI-CHA!!” just makes it 10 times worse.

  38. In one of the World Heroes games there was a character you could just crouch in a corner and spam jab.

  39. i like noob hes a pro character to fight with

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