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10 Best Fighting Games for the Nintendo Switch | whatoplay

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– Full updated list of all #Switch fighting game releases.

Ranking the top fighting games ever released on the #Nintendo Switch. These are the highest-rated one-versus-one or multiplayer fighting video games now available on the eShop. You may get these games by clicking the Amazon-affiliate links below:
Blade Strangers
BlazBlue: Central Fiction – Special Edition
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Mortal Kombat 11
Pokken Tournament DX
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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  1. Im looking for blazblue central hoping someone will help me where can i buy it…

  2. All I need is a Fight Night or UFC game on Switch, swear I'll buy then…

  3. Still praying for a complete edition of GGXRD REV 2 on the Switch.

  4. Smash is not YET the BEST fighting game ya. 😒

  5. I swear to god if he mispronounces Bayonetta one more time. Lol

  6. Smash Bros isn't a normal OR "original" fighting game…..

    Hmmmmmmmmm Nintendo always wants to be different

  7. We need a new Bloody Roar game. This is a fighting game series owned by Hudson Soft. I feel like this is a perfect series to bring it back on the current generation platforms. It has been displayed on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. A port to current gen consoles for Extreme/Primal fury would be amazing with online play. Or… An entirely new game would fit perfectly for a release on the PS5 and could also be cross platform released, and would be an exceptional opportunity for the cross play platform between Xbox and Playstation.

  8. BossBlue cross tag battle is like dragon ball fighterZ when you fight against someone

  9. MK11 is really the only more serious one. But extremely gory. WWE 2K18 is broken. And that's about it. The rest is 2D, anime or retro.

  10. Mortaaaal kombaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
    best fighting game ever.

  11. As a tekken fan who recently got a switch lite I was gonna get pokken but smash ultimate is telling me otherwise

  12. I don’t see ultra street fighter II in this video…

  13. Smash suck. So dragon ball fighter z is the best ok

  14. You presented them very well. 🙂👍🏽

  15. still i would want tekken to show on switch

  16. I want call of duty black ops 2 for nintendo switch cause i miss the campaign

  17. I have the majority of all these games on my switch..

  18. Growing up a huge fan of Mortal Kombat and Nintendo great to see MK on nintendo again

  19. 2020 and they still can't make a good Karate game without all the childish laser effects and bling bling junk that makes the games play like kindergarden games? The sad reality is that those old '80's Karate arcade games were more challenging then ANY modern fight game- since you actually have to control your kicks and punches– there are no *(super moves- one press destroys all) Like the modern games – which are exactly like the Casino slot machine video poker games designed to bait and hook our brainwashed desires and make us completely docile and accepting of the video slush they slop out on our store shelves- Shame on ALL of those who perpetuate this bland nursing home suckling of the cybernetic teet of a genetically conformist programmed society where the consumer has been bred to accept the instant visual and sound gratification system that destroys the true fundamentals of challenge and excitement. What a F*cken let down!

  20. What are you talkin about family-friendly you do realize almost every Mortal Kombat game has showed up on Nintendo consoles Conker's Bad Fur Day was censored on sex box pay attention kid

  21. Monster hunter should earn a place in this video

  22. I still love ARMS! I still love making Video Guides for it.

  23. Me: oh cool 3rd strike is on switch
    Sees xenoverse 2
    Me: HA! no

  24. Blazeblue central fiction special edition should be among this list I'm happy It Is…. It's amazing and the switch port Is the definitive edition a true must own no question It made the top 3 well deserved

  25. If i talk about fighting games so i need blood and xrays thats why mk 11 is my choice

  26. What about brawlhalla on the list its a good game

  27. 5:44 sequel to the 2011 reboot/retcon?

    there was still Mortal Kombat X after the 2011 Mortal Kombat, MKX came out 2015

  28. Just bought Blaze Blue for £3.49 in the Eshop sale, great buy…. would love more recent street fighter games and the marvel fighters too

  29. I wanna play tekken 7 and dead or alive 6 on the switch 😭 i wanna kick my friends ass on the gooo 😭😭😭💔

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