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10 BEST Fighting Games For (Android/iOS) To Play in Early 2022

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Top 10 Best Fighting Games Android & iOS 2022 PART 1

Some of the best Fighting Games available for android. This list mostly include games which are new so I have not included old games like Mortal Combat X.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video and if I missed any game that you know just let me know in the comments and I’ll add it next list.

Games Download Links:

Shadow Fight Arena

Metal Revolution


Vita fighters


Knights Fight 2

The Outcast Mobile

Legendary Fighter Battle of God

Flash Party

Bloody Bastards

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  1. In flash party i seem to win every match, i think it's filled with bots

  2. Agustus Claudia the godzilla mwahahahahahahahahaha says:

    This is the best recommendation video i ever seen on youtube

  3. Really the first one made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt alot😂😂

  4. Nice games.. for more videos like this please support my channel GAME LIMIT 2022

  5. That Skullgirls gameplay clip was atrocious lmao

  6. Can it play with x box 360 controller 2 player?

  7. Shadow fight Arena is online and flash party too

  8. As a regular Shadow Fight player it is amazing to see other people thinking highly of the game.
    I hope you enjoyed playing them

  9. Bhai m koi b game record krta hn internal recording wo awaz hi nai record krta koi solution plz


  11. I like how neon in flash party he just spams punch

  12. You should try Pixel Mage Survival. Great game, similar to Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival.

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  14. Where i can download Flash Party Game ?

  15. Am having a hard time finding metal revolution on the Google play store

  16. Best game for me:
    Modern warship
    Car parking simulator
    Clash of clans
    Mobile legends
    Call of duty
    Pubg mobile
    Gangster vegas

  17. I'm a DbZ fan and wow, I really love that legendary Fighter game. Thanks man you are good

  18. shadow fight 2 is better than shadow fight arena

    change my mind

  19. Shadow fight Arena is a good fighting game, but a little annoying.

  20. Kenapa play store ga pernah merekomendasikan game seperti ini 🤦

  21. Metal revolution,bloody bastards and shadoe fight 4/arena are best among this list.

  22. final fighter was a really good game but they abandoned it on ios so you get stuck at training.

  23. Shadow fight arena a best game because best fps best grapics and better mortal kombat because you see you can't move that much in mk mobile also you have to attack by swipping screen its boring that id Shadow fight arena is best

  24. Ps1 psp ps2 dolphin android games offline is the best

  25. Are this games offline? Considering it is a fighting game

  26. These are all prob only for Android, and I’m iOS

  27. It's crazy how these games ain't in the recommendations in the playstore

  28. For me shadow fight arena,skull girl and metal revolution is the best

  29. shadow fight arena is by far the best on the list

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