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10 Awesome Medieval/ Sword Fighting Games On Console!

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Hey guys so here recently ive been playing a lot of sword fighting/ Medieval battle games so I decided to put together a list of a couple of my favorite games. This is probably going to be the first part to a 2 part video of my top 10 medieval sword fighting/ medieval battle games. This video was extremely fun to make. Buying and playing some of these games was a treat! For more videos like this one please leave a like and sub! Thanks

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Assassins Creed Odyssey, For Honor, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Lord of the Rings Shadow of War, Ryse: Son of Rome, Warhammer: Vermintide, Skyrim, Mount and Blade Warband, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Witcher 3.


  1. Should’ve put my Videos for “For Honor” I’m the goat

  2. Well I’ve played them all so I still need more sword fighting games

  3. Im confuse which one should I play first? Ghost of Tsusyima or cyberpunk both will surely consume 1/3 of my 2020

  4. Shadow of war was the beginning of my love to the sword games I will never forget about you ranger ❤️ hope there's another game coming soon

  5. Turtle Totally doesn’t commit war crimes says:

    Odyssey is super amazing I haven’t beaten it yet but so far it’s amazing

  6. So no one noticed how Odyssey isnt a medieval game its early iron age like the roman empire hasn't even invaded yet

  7. What is the name of that game (20:58) it reminds me of[ Lord of the rings] game on ps3

  8. Honestly it a good list, but I want a game where you can explore and ride horses in a medieval world anyone have suggestions?

  9. If you think AC Odyssey has good sword fighting mechanics, then clearly you don't know what the hell you're talking about

  10. Man, I am so disappointed in the direction that Assassin's Creed took. AC peaked at AC2 and has slowly been going downhill. After AC2, the editions weren't that bad until AC Origins. They took a huge nose-dive with AC Origins and onward. The fighting system and World-of-Warcraft-like leveling progression changed the game into something completely different. The fighting system feels much more arcadey now, and the leveling system takes away from my feel of realism. A stab to the head doesn't insta-kill cuz he's too high level? Wow…

  11. 13:50 this game looks fun but at the same time I feel can’t get a very good read on the mechanics or gameplay in general.
    The next game (Warhammer) looks super fun too! Is this like an RPG?

  12. So I actually managed to pull off a match wherein I got like 20 kills for 1 death in an epic sword fighting game.


    Game name: "For Honor"
    Genre: Epic Sword Fighting, PVP
    do check it out and leme know what u guys think


  13. Where is the comment with all the games on it

  14. Well is cool the combat of odyssey but is more like focused on fantasy moves of fast moves combos doesn exist in real life. Not great, but not bad

  15. Everything first person, doesn't have that same feel to me.

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